Witness the Enchanting Dance of Dolphins in the Magnificent Waters of Marbella

Dolphins in Marbella

Indulge in a mesmerizing encounter with the wonders of nature as you witness the playful elegance of dolphins gracefully traversing the vast expanses of the sea. This captivating activity is designed to captivate and enthral individuals of all ages, leaving no one untouched by its magic.

Exploring the Coastal Delights: Embarking upon our coastal adventures, we are blessed with the privilege of encountering three distinct species of dolphins that have chosen our waters as their permanent residence. Among them are the common dolphin, the skipjack, and the bottlenose dolphin, alongside magnificent cetaceans and an array of other fascinating species that occasionally traverse our seas during their migrations towards the legendary Strait of Gibraltar. From bluefin tuna to sunfish and sea turtles, these waters teem with life, providing a vibrant tapestry of marine marvels.

Sailing with Grace: Whether you prefer an intimate private outing or an exhilarating group excursion, our utmost priority lies in enabling our esteemed clients to immerse themselves in the extraordinary experience of sailing alongside these amiable marine mammals, and perhaps even relishing the opportunity to swim in their close vicinity.

The Rhythm of the Dolphins: The rhythmic ballet of dolphins unfolds most prominently during the early morning and evening hours, where their exuberance reaches its peak. While their activity tends to wane during cloudy or rainy nights, they exhibit a preference for hunting and frolicking when the tides recede, making the coast of Marbella and Puerto Banus an idyllic location for these awe-inspiring encounters.

Whilst there are no guarantees that any dolphins may be seen all of our excursions include the option for dolphin watching at no extra cost.