Photoshoot on a Superyacht

Excluding IVA

Enhance your portfolio with a photoshoot on board a superyacht

Elevate your photo portfolio to new heights with a 2-hour static charter of the Malex superyacht, situated in the illustrious Puerto Banus on the premier pier 0, Spain’s most prestigious marina. This exclusive opportunity allows up to 12 guests to capture breath-taking images against the stunning backdrop of this luxurious superyacht.

Notes: This is a static charter for 12 people or less. Includes a professional photographer and 50 photos.


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Elevate Your Portfolio: Malex Superyacht Photoshoot Experience in Puerto Banus

Perfect for photographers, models, and creatives seeking an edge above the competition, the Malex superyacht offers an unparalleled setting for your photoshoot. With its sleek design and opulent interiors, every angle provides a captivating visual experience that will set your work apart.

Located in the heart of the glamorous Puerto Banus, this static charter ensures that you won’t be venturing out to sea, but rather focusing on the artistic endeavour at hand. Make a statement, create unforgettable imagery, and define your artistic vision with the Malex superyacht.

Book your charter today and transform your portfolio into a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.